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iBlissers Club free Apps of energized images, audio, and video. Plus altered states research!

e-White Light SSC

Use this App to create psychoactive substances and objects in just 30 seconds through Digital Energetic Alchemy Substance and object alchemical permanent transmutation App. The energy body of a substance– be it herb, drug, vitamin, sacred geometry, botanical, energy remedy, gemstone, symbol, intention, goal, prayer, mantra, etc. is of the qualities of that physical compound. Try it Now

White Powder of Gold Surf Bliss MP3

This MP3 App energetic combination is a sexual stimulate plus very high vib Egyptian communion sacrament that generates mental clarity and expanded consciousness. This duo formulation creates sexual arousal plus deep meditation plus spiritual qualities for a unique synergistic experience. The white light plus etheric gold plus aphrodisiac plant quantum energy codes bring about a state of high relaxation but with lusty, action-oriented sensation. The energetically encoded ocean surf dissolve sexual blocks and armoring engendering a loving second chakra opening leading to a deeper intimacy. The mental, emotional and sensational openings makes for an adventure and learning experience in sexual peak experience.

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This JPEG App is an amplification of rare aphrodisiac stimulants that when the iBlissnow club App is opened on a computer or MD bring about an energetic amplification of aphrodisiac and oxytocin-type turn on. This vital energy field is also blissful, as it is the amplified energy of these plants synergistic combination. This App is ideal to open on a computer or MD while preparing for sensual or sexual activity. When your music is played on the computer or MD while the App is open, it is energized or energy grafted with this erotic plant formulation in energetic form. Your music is now bonded with the plant energetics. Your music moves the encoded energy into the listener’s energy body in waves of erotic bliss-sound therapy. This App is an opportunity to encode your favorite heart opening and/or love making music with the energy of time tested aphrodisiac plants. Your music comes vitally alive with sacred plant essences!

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Scott Borders - Healing Bliss

We are also proud to offer in-house musician Scott Borders New Age music called Healing Bliss which Dr. McVea has flavored with White Powder of Gold, Sedona White Light, and Reishi Mushrooms. The effect is relaxing, stress releasing, blissful and meditative. Do not operate moving vehicles when listening to this selection. We recommend you pick your favorite relaxation spot and just bliss out. Play it now below!

iBliss Energy Field Studies

These are Dr. McVea’s earlier works on iBliss energy field studies. Chick below to view and download these PDFs.


iBliss Intro


iBliss Book 1


iBliss Book 2


iBliss Book3

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