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Custom Energy Apps for Personal Use and to Energize Business Products

iBlissnow™ creates custom energy Apps for individuals and businesses. Energize yourself or business products to get a competitive advantage.
Custom Energy Apps

Custom Energy Apps for Persnal Use

Is there a substance–herb, drug, vitamin, mineral, sacred geometric object, botanical, or astrological energy, that you would like to experience in digital form? We create custom apps for just about everything.

Would you like an App for a specific activity like gambling, sports activity, therapy, weight loss, quit smoking, sexual stimulation? Some examples of such custom apps that we have created for individuals are: Feng Shui App, Vodka Alcohol App, Astrological Gambling Support App, CBD Cannabis App.

Products that benefit from such a process are certain foods, vitamin supplements, beverages, also jewelry, clothes, shoe soles, tools of one’s trade, electronic devices, even houses or rooms in houses. For example, products that you use can be encoded with green tea and coca leaf for stimulating workout type energy or relaxation such as with kava, or CBD; or for meditation, with mental clearing fields such as White Light; for sexual arousal with energized aphrodisiacs; or noble gasses for Negative Mental Energy release.

“Thank you for such an incredible energized product! My beautifully crafted necklace was loaded with flowing energy that uplifts and rejuvenates. From the moment I put it on, this customized piece not only stimulates and lifts my resonance, but also protects from negative energies in my surroundings. When my emotions are up and high, I feel an even more intense feeling of euphoria. When they are down or stressed, the balance in this piece allows me to release these unexpressed emotions as energy and take my positive power back to its heightened sense.  I am very pleased and wear it daily as more than an accessory, but an amazing enhancement in my life.”
Lori Patton, Bank Trust Officer




Custom Energy Apps for Business Use

We also create Custom Apps to work in conjunction with your business product line to enhance its effects. If you wish to upgrade your product line, Dr. McVea can perform Action At A Distance/Remote Influencing on a single product or an entire product line from a picture sent to him by email or taken off of a website.

Have you experienced the energetic shifts that take place perceiving our website, videos, audios, pendants, energy Apps, or Action at a Distance? It would be good to spend some time experiencing these iBlissnow products as you visualize how your own products and services could be transformed with these energetic enhancements.You could lead the field with our exclusive iBlissnow Energy Field Formulations applied to your products and services.

We can energize clothing, audios, videos, CD’s DVD’s iPads, iPhones, tablets, computers, mobile devices, streaming content, web lectures and presentations, reading lights, sunglasses, yoga mats, art, jewelry, supplements, sports drinks, aromatherapy, spas, saunas, musical instruments, water filters, massage tables, websites, craft objects, etc.We can also energize locations–offices, clubs, recording studios, spas, lecture and business meeting rooms, etc.

Our formulations are almost endless from sports energy formulas, to relaxing meditative and thought-busting fields. Our process is easy for us to apply and lasts the entire life of the product. It will not washout or fade.

Our exclusive Quantum Energy Encoding Process is easy to apply. Send us a sample of your product, and from your one product sample we can energize your whole product line, as long as each product in that line is identical. Identical means the same color, design, texture materials, shape, label and form. We can also energize singular or one-of-a-kind items like jewelry, custom shirts, designer sunglasses, sculptures, paintings, etc.

We can work from photos of a product to capture its energetic signature without necessarily having the physical product in our hands. This type of workup can be more time and work intensive than having an actual physical product, but we have accomplished it on many large products, objects, buildings and special spaces. At times when a photo or video of the object, space or building was unavailable, we have used Google Earth satellite pictures as the link to encode the target’s signature for our energy transmission. However, the more physical and energetic details we have to work with, the stronger the link and the more efficient and effective the couplings.

We have worked with rock bands during live concerts to clear EMF/ELF type electronic distortions and thus make the music more blissful and coherent. We have cleared gold mines where there was formally a high number of trauma and injuries. We have energized CD’s and DVDs so that the listener and viewer is in their most relaxed and most highly perceptive, creative and imaginative state – a Super Learning type state and atmosphere.

Bring vital energy and aliveness to yourself or your business products!

Schedule a free consultation further explaining our system of product vitalization. Dr. McVea will contact you to discuss your ideas for a custom energy App.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not try to order a custom energy app until you have spoken with Dr. McVea. You must discuss the type of energy App you want with him and he will let you know if it can be formulated and what it would cost. When you have decided on an energy App and Dr. McVea has approved the design, then use the LINK to Add Custom App to your cart and checkout. Custom Energy Apps take many hours of R&D to formulate and are created to fit your particular needs and requests. They are not refundable.

Terms of sale: This digital product is not medical in nature.You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product. Do not use while operating or riding in a moving vehicle or operating machinery. Prices subject to change without notice.

By buying this product from iBlissnow Nevada LLC, you agree that you will abide by Nevada State law, and have been notified here that if you have a legal issue with iBlissnow LLC, you agree to travel to Nevada to bring any legal action against iBlissnow LLC, owner of iBlissnow.com.


What iBlisser's have said about using Dr. McVea’s energy formulations

“…I noticed that I was happier and very contented with my life. I actually felt blissful. Irritations have just melted away. I notice upsets just disappear very quickly.”
R.C., Mortgage Broker
“…I feel much more hopeful and optimistic about my life everyday.”
K.C, Pilates & Exercise Teacher
“…I was starting a new job and was very nervous because I never sold jewelry before. But I immediately became the #1 sales person. The energy…worked!”
Evelyn, retail sales
” I can feel the key is very powerful and gives a strong clearing of the energy field.”
L.V., Switzerland

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