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Encode Your Own Videos and Music with our Favorite Energy Formulations

iBlissnow™ offers software enabling you to encode all of your music and videos with flavors of your favorite music magic.

Our software is a Video and JPEG Package that allows you to mix your favorite energy formulations with your favorite lectures, meditations, rock videos, new age music, etc. You can also play a YouTube playlist or your own saved collection. You simply open up our video App and place it in back of your desired energy. (you can also mix and match). The energy field from this Psychotronic carrier video program goes through your choice of energies carrying them into the video and audio amplifiers of your computer.

The video and audio tracks become one with the chosen energy. Our introductory package includes one JPEG carrier, 6 JPEG trend apps and complete instructions of operation. Your 1st set up takes about 60 seconds. You can also boot up our software and have it energy process your favorite internet radio station 24/7, changing energy formulas in just a few seconds for each revision.

iBlissnow Energy Jukebox

iBlissnow Energy Jukebox is a Psychotronic process that encodes the fields of various power spots, herbs, sacred geometry and sacred plants into the local or near at hand video and audio tracks of the recording. We utilize a Quantum Super Computer where a desired sample, say Reishi magic mushrooms, is amplified billions of times, without distortion and then encoded into the digital medium. On playback the audio and video amplifiers in your computer or mobile device re-amplifies the Reishi mushroom’s 1 billion times energetic field and you get Reishi mushrooms infused audio and video. We have buffered, through the use of mega amplified sacred geometry, the magic mushrooms and all other psychedelic fields so that there are no hallucinations or overwhelm. The Reishi mushrooms energy is more like a blissful cognitive smart pill in that you get the mushrooms mental benefits without toxicity, illegality or mental confusion or overwhelm.


Intro package–1 carrier, 6 trends and complete instructions, includes;

Carrier Formula–White Powder of Gold Formulation

Euphoria/LSD–raises vibration, blissful, coherent, spacious, in the moment, mild euphoria (no connection to the physical LSD drug)

Buddha Gold–spiritual, very high vibration, meditative, upbeat, spacious

ORMUS–blissful, clear, exhilarating, openness, stress releasing

PSI–reduces mental chatter and noise, assists mental clarity, intuitive

Life Force–vitalizing, stimulating, amplifies other trends, driving, energizing

Cocoa Leaves–stimulating, blissful, vitalizing, clear headspace, chatty, mild euphoria

White Powder of Gold–warm, blissful, feeling connected, relaxing, creative, higher consciousness, sexual energy


” Omg 😍 Thank you so much, I used the multiplication effect with my 128gb thumb drive and my computer is beaming with ENERGY!  Thank you for all your hard work on this project and humbly offering it to the public ❤️❤️❤️ Much appreciated”  DM


Intro package–1 carrier, 6 trends and complete instructions just $197.77
ON SALE this month for $97

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN ACTION AT A DISTANCE PROGRAM. The carrier here helps blend the trend formulations with the audio/video signal for additional energy amplification. This is a local phenomena and does not perform Action At A distance. Action At A Distance requires an embedded video to perform pulsed energy for the Action At A Distance Quantum Process.

Terms of sale: This digital product is not medical in nature.You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product. Do not use while operating or riding in a moving vehicle or operating machinery. Prices subject to change without notice.

By buying this product from iBlissnow Nevada LLC, you agree that you will abide by Nevada State law, and have been notified here that if you have a legal issue with iBlissnow LLC, you agree to travel to Nevada to bring any legal action against iBlissnow LLC, owner of

Additional modules and advanced trend packages can be purchased to allow an almost endless versatility in recording and playback with these popular energetic formulations.


What iBlisser's have said about using Dr. McVea’s energy formulations

“…I noticed that I was happier and very contented with my life. I actually felt blissful. Irritations have just melted away. I notice upsets just disappear very quickly.”
R.C., Mortgage Broker
“…I feel much more hopeful and optimistic about my life everyday.”
K.C, Pilates & Exercise Teacher
“…I was starting a new job and was very nervous because I never sold jewelry before. But I immediately became the #1 sales person. The energy…worked!”
Evelyn, retail sales
” I can feel the key is very powerful and gives a strong clearing of the energy field.”
L.V., Switzerland

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