Radionics and Energy Healing Devices

Radionics is one of the many aspects of energy healing. It is a form of alternative medicine that uses an instrument and the sensitivity of the practitioner to detect and rectify any imbalance that may be present in the energy fields. The energy fields are associated with all forms of life. It is a metaphysical science that is capable of both local and distant manifestation.

Simply put, radionics is a healing technique that uses the natural human intuitive faculties to discover the energetic disturbances underlying illness. It also uses these intuitive faculties to attempt to return us to a normal energetic and healthy field. It works independently from any physical distance that may exist between the practitioner and the patient.

The father of radionics is Albert Abrams and American physician. He published two books between 1909 and 1910, and those two books are the origin of what we now know as the practice of radionics. The practice of radionics is believed to help in curing health issues like ulcers, chronic pain, headache, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, asthma, cancer, and many more.

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To understand how radionics works, you need to first understand that “Everything is energy”.  We are surrounded by a sea of energy. It doesn’t matter what it is, animals, plants, humans, inanimate objects, etc., everything in the world has an energy field around it. The energy field we are surrounded with is also called an Aura. Even though the energy field cannot be seen by most people, it doesn’t mean that we are not surrounded by it; it is the most powerful energy in the universe.

Life on the planet is expressed in 3 ways: information, energy, and matter.

  • Information is consciousness itself. It is the realm of limitless possibilities that exist and can be made manifest through the other two expressions of life, matter, and energy.
  • As for energy, it is one of the unseen forces that drive the universe. Even though it is unseen, it is felt and known. Expressions of life such as happiness, fear, anger, etc., are examples of energy. The universe is made of energy.
  • Matter, unlike energy, can be seen and touched, it experienced with the 5 human senses. It a physical manifestation that is experienced by our sense of touch, smell, taste, hearing, and sight. These three expressions of life are linked and they interact dynamically with each other. A slight change in one affects the other two. Radionics operate at the level of energy.

Using Radionic Machines and Devices

The practice of radionics is also called electromagnetic therapy (EMT). With radionics, an illness can be diagnosed and treated with the application of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to the body from a device that is electrically powered.

A practitioner uses the radionic instrument to “tune in” to the frequencies or vibrations that are coming out from the sample that the practitioner wants to analyze. The frequencies that the practitioner gets are called rates. The rates coming out of the sample determine things such as the health of a person, the kind of energies that are in an environment, the location of a missing person or object, the right type of fertilizer for a seed, etc. Alongside tuning in to subtle energies, they can also alter energies. It is through altering energies that radionics healing helps people cure their illness.

The practice of radionics can be done on humans, animals, plants, buildings, etc. The role of a practitioner is not to heal, but to facilitate healing. Practitioners don’t diagnose either, neither do they treat. The healing process is done by the creative principle in the universe. A practitioner is simply a facilitator. A practitioner, through training and intuition, is able to detect energy frequencies in the bodies of his patients. Practitioners are able to detect these frequencies because a healthy person and an unhealthy person have different energy frequencies; healthy people have certain energy frequencies moving through their bodies that define health, and unhealthy people exhibit different frequencies. Health disorders are defined by different energy frequencies. Imbalance of electromagnetic frequencies within the body is the cause of diseases or other illnesses – they disrupt the body’s chemical makeup. To cure a person, the imbalances can be corrected by applications of electromagnetic energy from outside the body. The practitioners of radionics try to cure people by balancing their discordant frequencies.

Radionics measure value with an instrument called the stick. Practitioners gently move their fingers over the stick. The plate becomes sticky once there is a resonance with the radionic witness and the specific value. Everything that exists has a unique Intrinsic Data Field (IDF), and the information in the Intrinsic Data Field is measured. The IDF can be described as the informational fields that are the blueprint for everything that exists.

The Radionic Connection

To connect with the energy of a person, a sample has to be supplied. The sample supplied can be a lock of hair, photograph, blood, urine, nail clipping, etc., just anything that is linked to the person. The sample will give you the exact vibrational frequency of the person. For animals, feces, blood, fur, feathers, etc. are samples that can be used. These samples serve as the radionic witness that allows the practitioner to work on the client.

As stated earlier, to perform EMT on a person, distance in space is not a barrier at all. Radionics is a method of healing at a distance, physical contact is not needed. To perform EMT, a good quality digital photograph of the person is the best form of radionic witness, more than any other object. A digital photograph is considered the best because a digital file cannot be contaminated like a biological sample; it stores the necessary information. Photographs are formed with light, and the light creates a crystallization of the energy matrix of the subject.

Energy is one of the most important components of life, and it precedes matter. Before something manifests in a way that is discernible for our physical senses, it already exists as a form of energy. With the application of radionics, an illness can be identified in the energy field of the patient before it appears as a discomfort in the physical body. When the illness is detected, it can be eliminated at the energetic stage. The application of radionics is often able to eliminate an illness at any stage it may be.

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