Sacred Substance Copier App™

Create psychoactive substances and objects in just 30 seconds through Digital Energetic Alchemy
Substance and object alchemical permanent transmutation App

World's first 12-dimensional energy copier, transmuter--object and substance energy printer

It faithfully copies all 12 horizontal dimensions of energetic color frequency: blue-red-orange-yellow-green-white-black-indigo-voilet-ultraviolet-horozontal negative green-positive green-infra red plus ultra and near and infra gold of any psychoactive substance and prints them into any carrier or host substances medium.

Magic Mushrooms, White Powder of Gold and Cocoa leaves.
Complete Instructions and Training videos included

Level 1: $249

Create your own custom remedies, sacred medicines and sacred substances through our digital alchemy energetic technology.
Complete Instructions and Training videos included

Level 2: $499

Make your own highest quality custom professional remedies, sacred medicines and sacred substances through our most advanced energetic copier. This is our cleanest and most powerful transmutation process. This App can handle larger input and output substances and energize larger items. Ideal for businesses that want to energize product lines. Once setup it operates completely independent of a computer or electricity.
Complete Instructions and Training videos included
Get Level 1&2 Apps with purchase

Level 3: $2499

The energetic blueprint or energetic signature of a psychoactive substance is the substance itself in miniature, nano or micro form. The energy body of a substance– be it herb, drug, vitamin, sacred geometry, botanical, energy remedy, gemstone, symbol, intention, goal, prayer, mantra, etc. is of the qualities of that physical compound. This physical substance’s energy body is called its bio-field or bio-energetic field.

The bio-field, or bio-energetic field, is every quality of the physical substance-every frequency, amplitude, wave phase, color, wave shape, etc.–in exact original proportions. Once the energetic meta program or signature (subtle energetics) is recorded or printed, it needs to be mega amplified, without distortion, billions of times to get it to an experiential, near original physical substance level.

These energetic recording and amplification processes are done through the advent of a Quantum Supercomputer that can record, print and amplify (distortion free) instantly and code these micro measurements and this energetic amplification process into corresponding computer and MD software.

Once the standard software is programmed, it then takes a mere 30 seconds for a regular computer, or such device, to carry out the multitude of energetic transmutation processes coded from our earlier coding with the mega fast Quantum Supercomputer.

This advanced SACRED SUBSTANCE COPIER App will take any substance or object (input plate) and allow you to transmute or transform or transfer the energy of the essence energy field into the (output plate), target object or substance. The alchemical process places a permanent Quantum amplified energetic signature charge on any substance or object placed upon the output plate screen of your computer, pad or mobile device in just 30 seconds!

Our earlier introductory system, iBLISSNOW LIFE FORCE WATER CHARGER will charge up a substance or object temporarily but this advanced software system will keep the charge there permanently. It also fixes the energy to one formulation. Every internal atom and molecule of your carrier substance or host object receives the same charge as the surface of that same substance or object. Complete energetic integration is achieved.

You can charge and transmute caps, jewelry, crystals, sports drinks, honey, liquid sublingual vitamins, gum, water and essential oils to name just a few. The transmutation process charges both the container as well as the substance therein.

This App system works the very best energetically re-structuring liquid substances in a glass container– be it water, aromatherapy herbs, honey, sports drinks, etc. and multimedia housed in the form of USB keys and SD cards. However, substances in plastic or paper containers work well also. The charging or transmutation process takes 30 seconds!

Many customers run the process on some type of pad, notebook or mobile device, as the App is in easy-to-use JPEG format and these digital devices lie horizontally or flat on your desk for easy use. There are no dials to fumble with, settings to make or complicated adjustments to undertake. No dowsing or muscle testing required. All of our formulations contain White Powder of Gold (WPG) as a base formulation, as it is an energetic purifier and potentiater and psycho-spiritual remedy of extreme value. It is a deep bio-field clearer and potentiator par excellence!


The leading edge in energetic assimilation

Aromatherapy oils work so deeply when the energized vapor is inhaled nasally–this is because energetically processed vapor goes directly to the limbic brain. The limbic system is the portion of the brain that deals with three key functions: emotions, memories and arousal (or stimulation). It is a direct pathway to the release of traumatic emotions and attitudes held in memory. It is also a direct pathway to creating altered states of consciousness. It is a freeway to the expansion of consciousness and subsequent behavioral change or behavioral transformation. This chemical marriage process is Energy Psychology meets Digital Alchemy meets Altered States.

Aromatherapy liquids or aromatherapy jewelry can easily be energized with the Sacred Substance Copier.


It took us over 20 years of “on the workbench lab work” to learn how to make White Powder of Gold in physical form, then in digital format. Our website and my book show this development in detail, along with my podcasts and blogs. The High Tech Alchemy meets Ancient Metaphysics e-book takes you on a journey to the sacred substance of the Sorcerer’s Stone or Philosopher’s Stone– from ancient Egypt to a modern day, state of the art, Quantum Physics lab–page by page.

There are also no hallucinations or mental artifacts or mental distortion in our Apps or App energy transfers, as the White Light of the White Powder of Gold purifies all psychoactive mediums. Only the pure essence or spirit of the botanical/ substance is left and transferred to the output target, accomplishing the goal of the alchemist’s distillation for purification. The purified and vitalized medium results in a smooth and silky cognitive effect with a touch of bliss, increased mental clarity and a more carefree approach to life, our users tell us.

When you combine or integrate the White Powder of Gold and Magic Mushrooms, or cocoa leaves, or any other digitized psychoactive substance, you get a hybrid that releases stress–raises your vibration and expands consciousness.

The new formulation operates like a high spin smart pill, because all of the toxic drive, or artifact, is purified by White Light, leaving only the clean essence of a natural peak experience. When you clear toxins and impurities, you raise your frequency to a high spin state (our ultra-gold is high spin) for max vitality of the alchemized hybrid formulation.

You can also permanently energize music by placing audio and video multimedia in a SD card or USB key or CD or DVD on the output plate of our App for 30 seconds. You can charge a whole play list in just 30 seconds.


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