A study in high magic and altered states

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High Tech Alchemy Research conducted by Dr. Norman McVea in the fields of Talk Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and EMDR Therapies

A study high tech alchemy I read comparing talk therapy to EFT and EMDR showed phobia reduction, talk therapies coming in last per subject reports. In fact, talk therapies were approximately 1/2 as effective as EFT and EMDR and took about twice as long! (Charles Figley, Ph.D., Florida State University) With talk therapy, as well as all other healing practices that we have measured, the accupoints spin black energy while talking about and experiencing the past trauma and when released White Light output signals the process has gone to release. This shift is also measurable with an HRV biofeedback instrument. The red light indicates stress and the shift or release to coherent heart centered experience is indicated by a green light in simple terms.

Let us compare the potential of old style talk therapy to the latest
breakthroughs in neuroscience, electro acupuncture and energy
psychology. For this experiment, we wired up subjects with electro
patches to conduct electro-stim signals to those same EFT system energy
points. The result was much faster than finger tapping. When you
acupoint tap, you figure tap say 7 times per point. When you perform
electro stim you are like Lord Shiva with all those “hands” “tapping”
all at once. You are energy or electro “tapping” 7 times on all points
in a fraction of a second and you are processing all points at once.
This procedure is thousands of times faster than using your fingers to
tap. It was like a high tech alchemy energy broom that sweeps very deep and

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Light & Sound Energy

The electrical signals from our lab grade electro-stim contain a minimum of White Light and when we supplemented White Light by piggybacking it on the electrical signal then the electrical vertical output stim shifted over to Horizontal White Light and the client picked up steam in their speed and depth of release.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biofeedback measurement indicates energetic coherence, which is the same indication as achieved in physical finger tapping. HRV shows, with the intervention of White Light, a longer lasting and more stable green light indication of energetic coherence. Through the next years of research, we investigated other acupoints and energy centers in the energy body that deepened the release.

We found over 300 additional points or in and out energetic vortexes!
Discovering additional energy points is not that novel as Asian
literature is full of such additional treatment points be those high tech alchemy etc. 

The vast subject of Energy psychology practices includes TAT
therapy, which is quite useful and it works on an altogether different
set of points, while concentrating on your stressful issue, with one
hand on the forehead and the other behind the upper neck.

With this recognition of the 300 plus points negative mental energy
clearing procedure got much more time consuming to wire and conductive
gel-up, but the process of release deepened and the speed of release
accelerated at quantum speed.



Studying Energy

It would take hours to wire up all these points on a subject. When we did take this wire up time, the release of mental baggage was very very fast! Measured in minutes rather than the number of sessions. The trouble here was the hours it took to just wire up to just 75 points on the body was agonizing. Over 300 skin patch electrode hookups would take a whole crew for the uncomfortable wire up and later gel clean up. Subjects felt like the blob with electrode gel oozing from the skin of the bathing suit clad subjects. This virtual energetic “tapping” was the breakthrough needed to make this technology practical and useable by just about everyone!

The actual sessions would release many traumatic incidents in just a few minutes as opposed to many, many hours of mostly superficial talk therapy. In other words, core issues are much more easily accessible and releasable when energy clearing all 300 plus points for each issue addressed (white light energy cleared) whether they be self -limiting beliefs, stressful emotions, conflicting intentions, opposing goals, unwanted attitudes, traumatic incidents, reoccurring stressful thoughts, triggering events etc.! Any feeling that blocks your happiness is a good candidate for energy clearing.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

We then, after much trial and error, found that each of the 300 plus body points had a specific audio frequency that identified and accessed that point (resonated) and a wave shape that was the key to unlocking and releasing it. We packaged this all into audio and video files of music, ocean waves, rivers, naturescapes, etc. and by listening to it, it did about the same job as being wired up with electrode gel and a bondage of wires and a wire up pit crew. With headphones, the subject was hands, wires, bathing suit and conductive gel free! The next piece of the puzzle was our investigation of eye movement processing or bilateral stimulation or NLP, often referenced by the extensive studies done on EMDR. EMDR has a few models or mechanisms of action.

First–by rapidly moving your eyes back and forth, the subject mimics REM sleep. REM sleep is the brains mechanism for releasing stress. REM sleep is also an indicator of lucid dreaming, which is a mode in which the subconscious speaks to us. “Deep napping” that induces REM sleep makes people feel better, but the mechanism of the “feel better” was not really known. Refreshing was often assumed to just mean rested but not understood as REM–the brain’s integrating and making coherent process for stressful incidents by releasing the charge through rapid eye movement. I first, many years ago, noticed that when I walked in the woods and looked carefully at natural elements such as trees, plants, water, rocks, leaves, etc. viewing each scene on the trail, that I started feeling much better and stressful day’s events would unwind.


Rapid Eye Movement

First–by rapidly moving your eyes back and forth, the subject mimics REM sleep. REM sleep is the brains mechanism for releasing stress. REM sleep is also an indicator of lucid dreaming, which is a mode in which the subconscious speaks to us. “Deep napping” that induces REM sleep makes people feel better, but the mechanism of the “feel better” was not really known. Refreshing was often assumed to just mean rested but not understood as REM–the brain’s integrating and making coherent process for stressful incidents by releasing the charge through rapid eye movement. I first, many years ago, noticed that when I walked in the woods and looked carefully at natural elements such as trees, plants, water, rocks, leaves, etc. viewing each scene on the trail, that I started feeling much better and stressful day’s events would unwind. I thought at first that the mechanism at play was simply experiencing nature or objective attention or becoming extraverted.

However, after my studies of NLP, I realized that by moving my eyes and listening to nature sounds all around me, that my brain had gone into bilateral release mode. It was a basic form of bilateral stimulation with pattern interrupt. It is also hard to stay reactivated while seeing nature at its finest, plus utilizing the body’s own healing system. It takes a lot of effort to hold trauma in place, especially when you are coaching your brain into release mode. Note–rapid eye movement was part of the Thought Field Therapy process introduced by Rodger Callahan Ph.D. and the EFT process by Gary Craig. Many thanks to both of these energetic pioneers. Second–you are moving your eyes back and forth as the sound is in sync, going back and forth between ears (headphones) connected to the two halves of the brain. In short you are balancing or synchronizing right and left-brain hemispheres through bilateral audio and energy remedy stimulation.


White Light Energy

Third, this aspect is playing a Horizontal White Light Video (healing field) light through the eyes via computer monitor displaying the Energy Psychology App, from the computer (magnetic field) and into the ears via headphones, leading or meta-programming the stressful issues to dissolve and become integrated into the brain, much as REM sleep flips the stress release switch. In NLP terms, it is a very fast and deep reframe. Part of what makes this method so deep and quick is that we incorporated many energy packets of gemstone energies that piggybacked on the White Light carrier wave.

Some describe the digital energy envelope much like using Bach flower or gemstone remedies in their physical form. The difference being that the White Light package is flowing through the 300 and some energy points and flushing out negative mental energy. It is like dental floss for the mind in that it gets to every nook and cranny! Fourth–a trance is being induced by your eyes, ears and your subtle energy body (300 plus energy points) following the bilateral stimulation. White light accompanied by the reception of psychoactive energy remedies are creating an openness to view deeply buried subconscious programming.



Affecting the Subconscious

The high tech alchemy of free attention realized by creating a gateway to the subconscious facilitates pattern access and release. The combined synergistic action of all of these modalities creates a highly suggestible state in which the subject can access the deep subconscious, quickly release counterproductive programming, reframe old patterns and install positive suggestions or affirmations.

To recap, you are stimulating over 300 energy points that constitute the expanded energy body or subconscious mind with the audio wave frequency’s shapes (that resonate) for that specific energy point or gateway. The “virtual tapping action” of audio acupoint stim is thousands of times faster than regular finger tapping. You are supplementing these acupoints with ultra-white light which is the body’s own energetic mechanism of release.


REM and Consciousness

By shifting the eyes back and forth as the White Light frequencies move in your headphones, in-sync back and forth, you are simulating REM sleep. The bio-lateral sound and eye cues balance left/right brain hemispheres. A deep state of openness and receptivity is created that allows for a higher intuitive functioning that leads to a higher heart/brain coherence. This induction process gives you much more conscious control or intention causality over previously automatic or unregulated thinking and behavior patterns.

If, while reading this copy, you are getting the idea that all of this sounds like a very practical methodology of facilitating a deep state of meditation you are right. For those who have had trouble meditating and are somewhat possessed with monkey mind then this App guides you into a thought-free state with a little practice. For those who wish a deeper state of intuition or precognition than by extremely quieting the mind (analytical overlay) automatic thought processes are released more easily than any other form of Psychotronic assistance we have researched.


Achieve Higher Consciousness

You can use this app for meditation, stress release, enhancing creativity, opening psychically by quieting the mind, altered states and just taking a mental vacation from worries. If you now couple it with a spiritual or psychological process, exercise, self-inquiry, therapy, etc., you open the door of a rigorous inquiry into your personal mechanisms of limitation. The result can be blissful self-discovery which is much faster and deeper and more releasing than we have seen before, including the use of lab grade electro-stim instrumentation. We do not claim this self-administered process to be therapy, medical advice, a diagnosis or that it replaces a professional asking you the right questions.

We do state that it is the fastest and deepest process of release that we know of, whether utilized in session by a competent behavioral professional or self-administered. Many of our customers who ordinarily do tap-alongs with EFT YouTube videos, guided meditations or contemplations will play the tap-along or meditations while using our Video App. Some still finger tap along but most rely on our ibliss system to do the “tapping” for them. There are thousands of YouTube tap-alongs on almost any and every subject. When you employ our ibliss system with them, you run much deeper and the releases occur much faster.


Energy Psychology

In the beginning of this work, it is common for customers to not recognize a release on the issue or larger subject while being energy cleared. They tend to do more than necessary, going beyond or overshooting the point of win and release. As they get more confident with our iBlissnow App System, they learn to expect and be open to a release occurring much faster than in their previous high tech alchemy Energy Psychology practices.

One 5 minute EFT tap-along on a single money issue, for instance, can release a whole package of stressful emotions, self-limiting beliefs, counterproductive attitudes, uncomfortable feelings, pains, sensations and armoring. In other words, energetic coherence is achieved faster and deeper than expected. With this system, your subconscious works for you not against you! 

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A Related Pilot Study

The following study involved 20 human subjects, and was intended to determine whether or not Audio Ormus had a balancing effect on the human biofield: Research conducted by Dr. Bhagyashree Nilkanth at the Centre for Biofield Sciences: http://www.biofieldsciences.com/

  1. 20 human subjects participated in this study.
  2. 10 subjects were part of a placebo group.
  3. 10 subjects were part of the experimental group.
  4. Both groups were randomly assigned.
  5. None of the subjects knew which group they were a part of.
  6. The only information the subjects knew about the study was that it was designed to study the efficacy of “energy medicine music.”
  7. Both groups were individually scanned at the beginning of the study using Electro-Photonic Imaging/Gas Discharge Visualization.
  8. After the scan, each subject played only one of two audio tracks (either a placebo track or an energy medicine track [i.e., Audio Ormus]) on a cell phone for 20 minutes, not knowing which track was being played.
  9. Important Note: When either audio track was played, it was played with absolutely no volume. In other words, participants did not actually hear any sound (regardless of whether they were part of the placebo group playing the placebo track or whether they were part of the experimental group playing the actual energy medicine [i.e., Audio Ormus] track.)
  10. After both groups were exposed to the silent playing of either a placebo track or an energy medicine (i.e., Audio Ormus) track for 20 minutes, they were both scanned once again using Electro-Photonic Imaging/Gas Discharge Visualization.
  11. The collected data were then submitted for statistical analysis.
  12. The “energy medicine music” (i.e., Audio Ormus), even though it was played silently with no volume, produced statistically significant positive effects in terms of balancing the human biofield.


“It can be concluded that energy medicine music [i.e., Audio Ormus] had a positive effect on balancing the human energy
field, as well as, on emotional health of the participants.” ~ Dr. Bhagyashree Nilkanth
This study is reprinted by permission from Eric Thompson

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