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iBlissers Club offers free AV Apps of energized audio and video . Get your Backstage Pass to our vibrational energy and digital drugs made by a Ph.D. with a quantum super computer. Join the iBlissers Club to get FREE digital Apps for mood altering effects and achieving higher consciousness. We offer light and sound therapy products that were created by Dr. Norm McVea, in a quantum physics lab.


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Our MP3 audio Apps/Programs transmute your iPod, iPad, mobile device, stereo and computer into a psychoactive device. These MP3 audio programs when played continuously, (select continuous play) on your above devices, create a bliss field that need not be listened to–to be effective. All audio devices, speakers and headphones output magnetic fields that are generated by your device and are greatly amplified.

These psycho-acoustic smart fields build over the time played creating a cocoon or bio envelope of bliss energy.These formulations can also be played silently with an audio jack inserted into your headphone/audio-out jack or listened to through headphones or speakers.The bigger the speakers or headphones–the more intense the result, but even small ear buds work. This dynamic process of actually playing the audio program keeps building a larger and larger psycho-active field or bliss envelope.

Free PDFs, MP3s, and Images for altered states of consciousness


This JPEG APP is an amplification of rare affordesic / aphrodisiac stimulants that when the APP is opened on a computer or MD bring about an energetic amplification of aphrodisiac and oxytocin type turn on. This vital energy field is also blissful as it is the amplified energy of these plants synergistic combination.

This app is ideal to open on a computer while preparing for sensual or sexual activity. When music is played on the computer while the APP is open it is energized or energy grafted with this erotic plant formulation in energetic form. The music is bonded with the plant energetics. The music moves the encoded energy into the listeners energy body in waves of erotic bliss-sound therapy.

This APP is an opportunity to encode your favorite heart opening and/or love making music with the energy of time tested aphrodisiac plants. Your music comes vitally alive with sacred plant essences!

Scott Borders New Age music called Healing Bliss

Free Energized Rock, Pop, New Age and Meditation videos
“Sound you can feel”

We are also proud to offer in-house musician Scott Borders New Age music called Healing Bliss which Dr. McVea has flavored with White Powder of Gold, Sedona White Light, and Reichi Mushrooms. The effect is relaxing, stress releasing, blissful and meditative. Do not operate moving vehicles when listening to this selection. We recommend you pick your favorite relaxation spot and just bliss out. Play it now below!


We have energy grafted or micro energized through a Quantum Supercomputer and Action At A Distance software to create an etheric coupling to our favorite internet radio stations so that all of their sounds are integrated or structured with our psychoactive energetic formulations. This psychoacoustic transmission brings you, free of charge, the best and highest vibrations traveling the airwaves. We have piggybacked the most advanced quantum altered state tech on some of the greatest music on the planet.

which features time-honored classic rock playlist selections are now energetically infused 24/7 with the following formulation:

Energetic Magic Mushrooms for increased intuition and vision and creativity and imagination and sensitivity and bliss.

Cocoa Leavesprints mega amplified for increased focus, clear-headedness, stamina and increased energy and bliss.

White Powder of Gold for high spin state golden vibrations and stress release and auditory high coherence and release of energy for increased audio vitality and alive feeling to the musical performance.

Energetic Oxytocin to create a loving harmony with oneself, increased experience of social bonding and love for all lifeforms.

Russian Pyramid energy for all of its many hailed healing benefits and clearing EMF or electronic smog from electronic devices, filters incoherent audio artifact(distortion) that creates listener fatigue–restores silky smooth sound.

features a blend of 40’s, 50’s, 60’s.70’s and 80’s sounds.  A balance of some real choice eclectic selection greats.  Get ready to flashback.  All of their sounds are now energetically blended 24/7 with the following formulation and about to go anti-viral:

Koch Remedy–created by Dr. William Fredrick Koch, MD for healing properties.   Revered by many researchers as the world’s most successful energetic healing formulation.  Persecuted relentlessly by the FDA.  Dr Koch’s glyoxylide remedy for many represents a mainstream science discovery that really worked with no downside. He is for many a pioneer and the unsung founding hero of Energy Medicine.

listen to our White Light encoded music available at internet radio station: The White Light in the substance clears traumatic incidents leaving the recipient in the present moment free of past energetic entanglement. White Light is an etheric or cosmic eraser that releases stress in your space.  It clears your energy body of “all” vertical fields (tested) caused by stress, electrical fields, and distortion caused by geopathic as well as ELF/EMF. When you are stressed if you listen to White Light encoded music or view White Light encoded videos or pictures or use White Light aromatherapy, you release these energetic glitches or dings. They accumulate and add up to incoherent thought coming from incoherent stressful or vertically charged past incidents.

Another free MP3 App in the iBlissers Club is called Peyote White Powder of Gold and is a combination of White Light for energy block clearing and stress release. We have a number of Apps that contain White Powder of Gold. The Gold portion is a very high vibration gold energy that is uplifting and stress releasing. Join iBlissers Club to get it free now!



Yet blissful shamanistic alternatives to physical sacred substances and harmful side effect-ridden drugs

Blissful life styles

Support for those that desire personal growth, spiritual awareness, and mindfullness

User friendly

Modern day technology that inspires higher consciousness from devices you already own

Original substance

Energy and the substance are 100% identical copy then mega amplified, undistorted and completely intact

No hallucinations

Or mental distortions, just smooth and clean energy building to peak experience.

Energetic Apps

It feels more like micro dosing. Some call it an energetic smart pill, others a carefree state

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Research on vibrational energy, higher consciousness, and energy healing techniques. Fill out the form to join the iBlissers Club to download these PDFs for FREE. Does miss reading these books on altering states of consciousness.


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Digital drugs are a safe alternative to toxic substances.

Alter your mood with our non-toxic sound healing frequencies!


Subtle energy mood enhancement APP

Experience Nature's Gifts with our digital mind altering sound frequencies and images

iBlissnow™ is a new software company created by Norman McVea, Ph.D. through 15 years of research in Micro Vibratory and Quantum Physics labs and 40 years research in Egyptian Temple Science and Sacred Geometry. Our products are developed using a state of the art Quantum Super Computer.

This download put me into a meditative state. It was very soothing and relaxing. Great for getting ready to sleep. Like meditating without meditating!
Veronica R

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This video features iBlissnow Advanced Energy Psychology technology in the form of NLP/ Rapid Eye Movement/ Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing “EMDR” style of stress release. This process is assisted by our Energetic Remedies designed for deep energetic release. This process requires headphones to be most effective.

Play Video Full Screen For The Best Results

Keep your head still and shift your eyes back and forth while following the pendulum’s movement. This eye movement is synced with the sound in your headphones, stimulating and balancing both sides of the brain. The eyes moving back and forth simulate REM sleep modality which is the brain’s process of stress release.

You can perform this meditation with no particular stressful issue in mind, or you can focus on an incident or issue–repeating it out loud, while visualizing it continually as you concentrate on the pendulum’s movement.Notice your level of stress before starting the exercise and again after doing a round of this process. Your stress level should come down further and further as you perform the process. Perform as many rounds as necessary to regain your state of well- being.

Do not perform any of these exercises while driving or doing any task that demands unbroken concentration or has an element of danger or risk.

If you are under a doctor’s care for a mental condition, are suicidal or under severe life-threatening stress, or suffer from epilepsy or severe migraines, do not do this process, but inform your doctor of all of your symptoms for adequate professional treatment.

By performing this process, you release iBlissnow and it’s employees of all liability and you agree to take full responsibility for its outcome. If you are in doubt do without!