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Achieve Higher Consciousness with Light & Vibrational Energy Apps, Remote Influencing and Action At A Distance Devices, Subtle Energy Apps With Latest Features

iBlissnow™ offers Mind Expanding Energy Apps for iPads, Tablets, Computers, TVs, and Mobile Devices

Quantum Light and Vibrational Energy Apps
Energetic Digital Micro-Doses

High Energy

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Ecstatic Bliss

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Serenity State

On Sale $9.97

White Powder of Gold

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iBlissers "SAY"

Mood Altering Energy Video Apps
Video Energy Apps aid in Stress Relief

Reishi Magic Mushrooms

“Using this App I feel more grounded, relaxed and serene.” Cynthia | “No need to micro-dose mushrooms. This App is amazing!” Maryanne

On Sale for $39.97

Buddha Relics

A glowing review we recieved “Energy from the Buddha Relics is unbelievable; it immerses me a strong field of holy uplifting energy” Robert

On Sale for $39.97

Stress Release

User experiences have been healing, “I released trauma I’ve had since childhood, and relax and sleep better than I have in years!” Charles

On Sale for $39.97

Our Latest Mind Altering Energy Video Apps
Best Energy Apps to change Mood


On Sale $39.97


On Sale $39.97


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Energy Jukebox Energized Music

Energy Jukebox is a feature of the iBlissers Club which gives you free Light & Vibrational Energy App downloads showcasing music energized with our bestselling formulas. Every feature is a different artist and different energetic formulations.

These psychoacoustic music videos and audios can be downloaded to a mobile device or just listened to on your computer or pad. The larger the screen, the bigger 
the speakers, and the higher you turn up the sound, the more you feel the energy! Headphones are optional but work well.

Energy Encoding
Your Music

We also offer software enabling you to encode all of your music and videos with flavors of your favorite music magic. Click the button above to learn more about encoding your own videos and music.

This Energy Jukebox features the Pink Floyd “Comfortably Numb” Video energized by iBlissnow with Coca Leaves, Reishi Mushrooms, White Powder of Gold and Life Force energy. This is how we believe rock should be experienced. Feel the Bliss! Subscribe to our iBlisser’s Club to receive new, energized videos.

mood altering
Energized Radio

We have energy grafted or micro ener. The radio stations are awesomeness itself, and I am truly grateful.gized through a Quantum Supercomputer and Action At A Distance software to our favorite internet radio stations so they are integrated or structured with our psychoactive energetic formulations. This psychoacoustic transmission brings you, free of charge, the best and highest vibrations traveling the airwaves.

” The radio stations are  awesomeness itself , and I am truly grateful” GH

High Tech Alchemy and
Energetic Magic Breakthroughs

Play Video

Action At A Distance & Radionics Devices
Experiment with Remote Influencing

With our introductory Action At A Distance system, you can energetically remote influence a person, shirt, jewelry piece, essential oil, cap, shoe soles, etc. You can choose your own trend or use one of ours that comes with the AAAD system. Our systems have many levels. If you have more than one item or product you want to energize at a time, then additional App modules are available. Our Action At A Distance system comes with a packet of trend energies.


USB Digital iBlissWear



Ultimate Psychotronic Device



Action At A Distance Program


First of their kind in the Subtle Energy World:

Psychoactive MultiMedia SixPack App

This iBlissnow App, developed in a quantum physics lab, features hundreds possible micro-dosing, psychoactive, energetic formulations to energize and thus transform all of your digital media. Expand your consciousness and mental and emotional capacity with our digital micro-dose smart pill collection.


Create psychoactive substances and objects in just 30 seconds through Digital Energetic Alchemy
Substance and object alchemical permanent transmutation App
World's first 12-dimensional energy copier, transmuter--object and substance energy printer

Our Sacred Substance Copier faithfully copies all 12 horizontal dimensions of energetic color frequency.

The Latest in Remote Influencing Tech & Action At A Distance Apps & Radionic Devices are at iBlissnow


A study in high magic and altered states

“The e-book is an absolute jewel and I’m grateful for your work. I’ve been deeply reading and loving it.”  M.O.

“I have read the iblissnow technical books. They are the best

books I have ever read!” YWL

ON SALE NOW for $4.49 get your guide and insights into iBlissnow’s Quantum Technology. Dr. McVea’s ebook is FREE with orders of $25+


Light & Vibrational Energy is a safe alternative to toxic substances.

Alter your mood with our non-toxic mind altering light and sound healing frequencies!

We use subtle energy science in our mood enhancement Apps that work - headphones optional!

Experience higher consciousness with our digital sound therapy frequencies and powerful mood altering images. iBlissnow™ is a software company created by Norman McVea, Ph.D. through 15 years of research in Micro Vibratory and Quantum Physics labs and 40 years research in Egyptian Temple Science and Sacred Geometry. Our products are developed using a state of the art Quantum Super Computer.

“iBlissnow offers powerful products that make tapping into peace, joy, and even ecstasy, incredibly easy. This website is an amazing resource and store. The best of tech and subtle energy mood enhancement!”
Jonathan Robinson, Best selling author of The Technology of Joy, Find Happiness Now, a frequent Oprah guest and Google Presenter

More iBlisser's Experiences

"I experienced an ecstatic, blissful state for 3 days. I was able to work and live my life with ease. An incredible,digital experience. There is no longer a need for illegal, psychoactive drugs to feel good!"
Maryann B
"I use the formulations to reduce stress and I am now able to relax more and sleep better than I have in years! I look forward to the new free energized videos you spoke about–especially the Dolphin Swim video for relaxation."
Charles M
"I suffer from Chronic Fatigue, and the energy/vitality formulation contained in the iBlissnow Coca Moca boosts my vitality so that I am powered through my day. Vitamins never did this for me!"
Sharon B
"Listening to the Reichi Mushrooms and Serenity Apps, I am feeling more grounded and an opening in my back (behind my throat chakra) and feel more relaxed. The free white light sound is also very strong and powerful!"
Cynthia S

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