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The 5 Waves of Sacred Substances Evolution

The First Wave of Sacred substances in the USA started in the 60’s. I was 18 at the time, in San Francisco and all we knew was to take large dosages of drugs and then hope for the best. A lot of us quickly got in over our heads–hallucinated up a storm, got lost, confused, overwhelmed, couldn’t talk and/or passed out. Some had accidents. It was a journey with no road map.  Some of us were causalities and some of us came through with new insights and directions.  It launched many a spiritual practice that came out of a drug induced spiritual or mystical experience.

There was a lab in SF bay area that analyzed drugs and would give you an analysis on the radio each Friday before the weekend.  Most of the drug samples analyzed were mixed with other compounds often rendering them toxic. Some were misrepresented and some had traces of toxic cookware or toxic nonfood grade precursors. Some were misrepresented as to the dosage. A lot were under the so-called desired dosage, but many were way too strong causing fear, paranoia and many forms of mental trauma.

I talked with Albert Hoffman MD, Tim Leary Ph.D., Richard Alpert Ph.D. and Terrance McKenna, the leaders in psychedelic research, and a consensus of communication and agreement was that if we knew what we were doing back then, psychedelics might never have been made illegal. What we needed was a safe and legal approach. Along came the drug Ecstasy not a psychedelic but an entheogen.  It was safe and a great therapy adjunct. We were moving in the right direction.

We, unlike centuries old shamanistic communities, had no real rituals, practice or culture to safeguard the trippers and make journeying a safe space.  We had no real guides back then. I do not regret any of those experiences I had, but some of my friends and research associates do.

Micro dosing – Second Wave

My friend Jim Karnstead introduced me to micro dosing at the SF Whole Life Expo about 30 years ago.  Booth workers had to do 15 hr. marathons and a lot of the older staffers got tired and mentally stressed. People use to do micro doses of acid, mushrooms, ketamine, etc. to endure the long hours and also to improve their cognitive skills.  I witnessed people carrying out up leveled communications with the public not at all being “stoned” in the usual sense, but improving their performance while making very coherent product presentations.

In my involvement with Burning Man and many high-tech companies where I have visited and given presentations, a great many of the employees micro-dosed. It is psychoactives-gone-smart pills. No hallucinations, disorientation, overwhelm but a significant improvement in intuition, psychic skills, cognitive coherence, stress reduction, communication and wellbeing. Finally, a sensible dose for the work a day world.

Wave three was all of the brain and mind machines designed to create altered states like entheogens or other forms of sacred substances. These machines including biofeedback, flashing goggles, sounds going back and forth between headphone speakers, binaural beats, Hemi sync-Monroe Institute sound processes, magnetic mats and cloths, far infra-red mats, biofeedback that showed a feedback loop for proper breathing, letting go of stress and balancing left/right brain hemispheres, pyramids and other geometries, early Radionic devices that attempted to perform Action At A Distance and substance duplication, etc.

I developed my own Psychotronic devices called Life Energy Amplifiers during that time period that featured noble gasses, scalar ionizers, orgone plating and aromatherapy attachments. I sold thousands of these in the 90’s for upwards of $22,000 for a live mega music processing system. The company was called Oxygen Research Institute. We became a million dollar a year company in just 7 years with a staff of 3-4 persons operating out of a beach house in Marin County, Calif. Most customers valued the altered state but found the devices cumbersome, way too expensive, hard to ship due to gasses under high pressure, time consuming to move and set up, easily damaged through shipment, expensive to ship, waiting times for product fulfillment, and difficult to repair in foreign countries.

These were the early forerunners that tried mostly in vain to completely, economically, simply duplicate the altered state experience.
My company ORI was the second largest Psychotronics company in the USA. Some said we came the closest.

Wave four was actually energetically copying a sacred substance signature or blueprint and transferring the energy to water or sometimes a vial or other container. This was used mainly for making homeopathies but many experimented with this for sacred substances. Some tried using Radionic instruments to transfer energy of substances using Radionic rates or codes.

This was mostly a miss as these crude devices were mostly operator dependent. They required a good psychic or intuitive to do the work. They were so subtle that most subjects had to guess as to what the original substance was. Most all of the substances seemed about the same. Roller coaster results abounded. Some devices did duplicate the frequency of the substance, but a lot of energetic information was missing. They were not popular. The term Subtle Energy was appropriately coined. Some binaural beat music companies claimed that their binaural product was close, experience-wise, to a particular substance, but most researchers did not feel that way at all. New Age music was an attempt to do this, but fell short because sound healing qualities were still very subtle inexperience. Pleasant yes, but therapeutic no.

Wave Five came about through the development of Quantum Super Computers, Holographic photography and Quantum Physics Labs. Here subtle energy research had large budgets and professional grade equipment that actually measured every nuance of a sacred substance and amplified it 10 billion times or so without distortion. Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology processes became commonplace.

It was now possible to install these amplified energetic signatures of Sacred Substances into music, aromatherapy oils, clothing, sportswear, sports drinks, water, jewelry, gum, bedding, chairs, sunglasses ,etc. These energetic “substance” files could also be emailed, eliminating that old stereotyped covert transaction in a dark alley after midnight image. Now the digital energy substances are legal, non-toxic, not ingested or smoked so not controlled by the FDA or DEA, not smoked or snorted causing real health concerns, not expensive, easily attainable, precisely measured micro dosages, one purchase lasts for a lifetime and they are buffered to be smart pills and very benign (consciousness friendly) in their performance. They are also available on the internet for worldwide easy access with instant downloads for quick customer satisfaction. These digital products have none of the much earlier undesirable qualities that caused them, in their physical form, to be made illegal or deemed hazardous in the first place. They are a realistic and safe alternative to the old school form of 60’s crapshoot high. The dream of my early mentors comes alive!

Albert Hoffman MD, the inventor of LSD, wrote his book LSD My Problem Child –the book could now be called LSD My Energetic Micro Dose Prodigy.

With the scientific evolution in the field of psychoactive substances, an underground, garage, clandestine, illegal, sometimes dangerous, expensive drug lab is no longer needed.  One need not be a chemist but only having entry-level computer skills. If you can navigate email you can “cook up a digital storm”. There is even software to copy Sacred Substances from drug form into standard computer energy files and then into music, aromatherapy oils, sprays, clothing, jewelry, gum, bedding, chairs, sunglasses, etc.

The end-user can now have complete control and supervision of the Sacred Substance copying process, all done at one’s own desk with the proper inexpensive iBlissnow software. This whole energetically copying process takes just 30 secs!  It is like a 3D printer for drugs. A license to sell digital drugs on your web site if you wish. What was once only possible with a Quantum Super Computer (QSC) is now possible with your current laptop or pad. What Oxygen Research Institute used to charge $22,000 for, is now available with all of the past problems solved for under $50!!! These downloadable Apps operate on your MD, pad, notebook, or computer. Product fulfillment in mere minutes, as opposed to weeks back in the 90’s with Oxygen Research Institute–my old company. Cottage industry digital manufacturing at your desk is just 30 secs!

To properly demonstrate the Fifth Wave, we have energetically processed two internet radio stations so that all of their streaming music 24/7 is encoded with two different energetic formulations. It is now possible for internet radio to have a very happy hour- 24/7. Come join the fun! Come to our site and see what the Fifth Wave has to offer you. From Sacred Substance energetic downloads to Action At A Distance software. From Sacred Substance Copiers to altered state radio broadcasts. Discover your favorite music blended with 60’s formulations–the way music was meant to be experienced–see Energy Jukebox and Backstage Pass at our site. Free books, Apps, and psychoactive entertainment awaits you! Experience the 60’s flashed forward!

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