Music that keeps you smiling by adding that extra dimension

A US presidential candidate once ran for election on the platform that what the country needed was a good 5 cent cigar–what we at iBlissnow think the country needs in today’s stressful times is a good free rocking high and energy boost to lift our collective spirits.

iBLISSNOW radio brings you streaming energetic microdoses to a planet in need.

Jump down the rabbit hole and meet Alice and dance with her in a wonderland quantum matrix of pure joy and love–tune in to our digital auditory headshop and create an etheric connection to your happiest highest self-digital music microdoses for the asking.  We provide free streaming audio energetic smart pills for those that value blissful well-being.  Bliss out to alchemical music transmutation- -the way music was meant to be listened to.

The bigger the speakers and the higher you turn them up the higher you get–putting the WOW back in music.

The first one is free–get your free Backstage Pass now and make your music come alive.  The 60’s are alive and well in 2020.  Lift your spirits for an all-time adventure in shamanistic consciousness.

We are wowed and vitally stoked to announce our iBLISSNOW radio stations, streaming altered state broadcasts, have gone live and are now on the air 24/7.  Join us for a 24/7 good vibrations happy hour!  We are streaming our microdose energetic formulations in true underground pirate altered state radio fashion.  Join us in our virtual sixties energized music lab for a real shelter in place bliss out planetary party.  Party on while you work and play!

We have energy grafted or micro energized through a Quantum Supercomputer and Action At A Distance software to create an etheric coupling to our favorite internet radio stations so that all of their sounds are integrated or structured with our psychoactive energetic formulations.  This psychoacoustic transmission brings you, free of charge, the best and highest vibrations traveling the airwaves. We have piggybacked the most advanced quantum altered state tech on some of the greatest music on the planet.



Classic Rock Florida HD which features time-honored classic rock playlist selections are now energetically infused 24/7 with the following formulation:

Energetic Magic Mushrooms for increased intuition and vision and creativity and imagination and sensitivity and bliss

Cocoa Leavesprints mega amplified for increased focus, clear-headedness, stamina and increased energy and bliss

White Powder of Gold for high spin state golden vibrations and stress release and auditory high coherence and release of energy for increased audio vitality and alive feeling to the musical performance

Energetic Oxytocin to create a loving harmony with oneself, increased experience of social bonding and love for all lifeforms

Russian Pyramid energy for all of its many hailed healing benefits and clearing EMF or electronic smog from electronic devices, filters incoherent audio artifact(distortion) that creates listener fatigue–restores silky smooth sound

Majestic Jukebox Radio features a blend of 40’s, 50’s, 60’s.70’s and 80’s sounds.  A balance of some real choice eclectic selection greats.  Get ready to flashback.  All of their sounds are now energetically blended 24/7 with the following formulation and about to go anti-viral:

Koch Remedy–created by Dr. William Fredrick Koch, MD for healing properties.   Revered by many researchers as the world’s most successful energetic healing formulation.  Persecuted relentlessly by the FDA.  Dr Koch’s glyoxylide remedy for many represents a mainstream science discovery that really worked with no downside. He is for many a pioneer and the unsung founding hero of Energy Medicine.

We can make no health claims here and these broadcasts are experimental and for entertainment and fun and research purposes only–no health or healing claims meant or implied. However, The headspace you get from this energy remedy is quite phenomenal.  Some rockers say it fortifies the spirit. It assists coherent thought and engenders a smooth, spacious flow and feeling of well-being.  It gently walks you down a path of bliss towards your real blissful self by releasing armoring that impedes true music appreciation.  This generates a meditative headspace with gushes or rushes of blissful peace.  Get up and dance with a carefree openness of peak experience. It opens the sensory channels of subtle feeling. So that you deeply feel the spirit of your music. Some listeners say a psychic or PSI type opening is often experienced.

Have this energized music go anti-viral-play-it-forward–share the experience. Click the play arrow for either of these 2 internet stations.  Turn up the volume and be lifted!

Dance in place and party safely!

Disclaimer:  Do not play if you are under psychiatric or therapeutic care, without your doctor ‘s permission–or do not use while  operating  a moving vehicle or while performing any task where there is an element of danger, where your undivided attention is required–for safety sake.

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