Custom Product

We can energize clothing, audios, videos, CD’s DVD’s iPads, iPhones, tablets, computers, mobile devices, streaming content, web lectures and presentations, reading lights, sunglasses,  yoga mats, art, jewelry, supplements, sports drinks, aromatherapy, spas, saunas, musical instruments, water filters, massage tables, websites, craft objects, etc. We can also energize locations–offices, clubs, recording studios, spas, lecture and business meeting rooms, etc.


Let iblissnow create you custom personal apps and energize your business products for the competitive edge.

Is there a substance–herb, drug, vitamin, mineral, sacred geometric object, botanical, or astrological energy, that you would like to experience in digital form? We create custom apps for just about everything.

We also create Custom Apps to work in conjunction with your business product line to enhance its effects. If you wish to upgrade your product line, Dr. McVea can perform Action at a Distance/Remote Influencing on a single product or an entire product line from a picture sent to him by email or taken off of a website.

Our formulations are almost endless from sports energy formulas, to relaxing meditative and thought-busting fields. Our process lasts the entire life of the product. It will not washout or fade.

“Thank you for such an incredible energized product! My beautifully crafted necklace was loaded with flowing energy that uplifts and rejuvenates. From the moment I put it on, this customized piece not only stimulates and lifts my resonance, but also protects from negative energies in my surroundings. When my emotions are up and high, I feel an even more intense feeling of euphoria. When they are down or stressed, the balance in this piece allows me to release these unexpressed emotions as energy and take my positive power back to its heightened sense.  I am very pleased and wear it daily as more than an accessory, but an amazing enhancement in my life.”  Lori Patton

Do not use while operating or riding in a moving vehicle or operating machinery.



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