Encoding Your Own - Intro Package

Intro package–1 carrier, 6 trends and complete instructions, includes;

Carrier–White Powder of Gold Formulation

LSD–raises vibration, blissful, coherent, spacious, in the moment, mild euphoria

Buddha Gold–spiritual, very high vibration, meditative, upbeat, spacious

ORMUS–blissful, clear, exhilarating, openness, stress releasing

PSI–reduces mental chatter and noise, assists mental clarity, intuitive

Life Force–vitalizing, stimulating, amplifies other trends, driving, energizing

Cocoa Leaves–stimulating, blissful, vitalizing, clear headspace, chatty, mild euphoria

Ecstasy–warm, blissful, feeling connected, relaxing, creative, higher consciousness, sexual


$197.77 $97.00

iBlissnow Energy Jukebox or Encoding Your Own – Intro Package is a Psychotronic process that encodes the fields of various power spots, herbs, sacred geometry and sacred plants into the local or near at hand video and audio tracks of the recording. We utilize a quantum  Super Computer where a desired sample, say magic mushrooms, is amplified billions of times, without distortion and then encoded into the digital medium. Our software enables you to encode all of your music and videos with psychoactive flavors of your favorite head magic. The video and audio tracks become one with the trend energy. Our introductory package includes one carrier, 6 trend apps and complete instructions of operation. Your 1st set up takes about 60 seconds. You can also boot up our software and have it energy process your favorite internet radio station 24/7, changing energy trends in just a few seconds for each revision.

The “All Fields” JPEG is Phenomenal!!…. but they are all good. ?  I am a great admirer of your work   DH

Do not use while operating or riding in a moving vehicle or operating machinery.


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