High Energy State

iBlissers have said that this iBlissnow formula produces states similar to Cocaine.


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Energetic CocoaMoca Software Formula for High Energy States– a digital drug alternative to toxic, illegal drugs.

High Energy State is the energy signature of the cocoa leaf multiplied by 10 trillion times. The feeling is one of mental clarity, increased focus, high energy, and an added capacity to handle stressful, mind numbing tasks.

The energetic coco leaf field bestows an ability that many describe as being able to think things through with the added bonus of the mental stamina to perform formally stressful tasks with a higher cognitive ability and mental ease. Many say that it is a higher level of mental coherence where many tasks now come clearer and therefore easier. Others say that they just want to dance!
A unique digital bio-field enhancing product priced for the digital drug first time user as well as seasoned experimenter!

” I was seeking to maintain that state without having to ingest and integrate…(ingestible drugs) on continuous basis and thought your products were the closest  energetically while staying fully conscious. Very pleased with the high energy.”  OE

“I immediately felt more energized from the frequencies, something that is a huge blessing for a longtime suffer of chronic fatigue.”CJC

Terms of sale: This digital product is not medical in nature and is not refundable. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product. Do not use while operating or riding in a moving vehicle or operating machinery.

By buying this product from iBlissnow Nevada LLC, you agree that you will abide by Nevada State law, and have been notified here that if you have a legal issue with iBlissnow LLC, you agree to travel to Nevada to bring any legal action against iBlissnow LLC, owner of iBlissnow.com.


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