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White Light is the field of the deletion, cancellation, and dis-creation of stressful vertical fields. Vertical wave forms are slightly out of phase with horizontal life force fields and are energetic glitches, dings, noise or distortion.  In short– stress.

When you supplement your bio-field with horizontal White Light you increase your ability to release stress that comes from past traumatic events held in your subconscious–or subbie for short. You also increase your ability as a psychic healer and distant healer.

If you have a lot of vertical fields, frequencies or colors, these detract or cancel your vital coherent 12 field horizontal Life Force.  

The White Light in the substance clears traumatic incidents leaving the recipient in the present moment free of past energetic entanglement. White Light is an etheric or cosmic eraser that releases stress in your space.  It clears your energy body of “all” vertical fields (tested) caused by stress, electrical fields, and distortion caused by geopathic as well as ELF/EMF. When you are stressed if you listen to White Light encoded music or view White Light encoded videos or pictures or use White Light aromatherapy, you release these energetic glitches or dings. They accumulate and add up to incoherent thought coming from incoherent stressful or vertically charged past incidents.


You can listen to our White Light encoded music available at internet radio station: Radio Love-it

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