High Tech Alchemy Meets Ancient Metaphysics eBook

High Tech Alchemy Meets Ancient Metaphysics: A study in high magic and altered states in PDF ebook format.


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High Tech Alchemy Meets Ancient Metaphysics eBook: A study in high magic and altered states is an original work based on the measurement of energies only speculated on before. Learn the basics of what we have mostly assumed before. This book will change the way you view Metaphysics, Psychology and personal transformation. It makes available, for the first time, White Powder of Gold or ORMUS and sacred substances in digital form! These ancient energies are now available in audio, JPEG and video formats. Transform your mobile device into a Psychotronic instrument! Discover how Action At A Distance and its underlying mechanisms really work.

High Tech Alchemy is the summation of 12 years of research, in a quantum physics lab, into Egyptian Temple Science, Sacred Geometry, White Powder of Gold, Digital Pharmacy and Altered States!

This work takes you through:

  • Action At A Distance
  • Life Force Energy
  • The White Light breakthrough
  • The Egyptian Healing System
  • The Secret of Solomon
  • Etheric Gold and its connection to wealth
  • Astrological Energy
  • What Orgone Energy is
  • The Grail Code
  • ARC of the Covenant
  • Energetic Transmutation
  • The secret of Secret Societies
  • Da Vinci’s Secret
  • Energetic Alchemy
  • Digital Sacred Substances
  • Energy Tapping
  • Coherent Thoughts
  • Releasing self limiting behaviors
  • The common denominator of all stress
  • Radionics and
  • Psychotronics modernized


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